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Why Choose GP Report Writer for Your Reporting

GP Report Writer is the standby for creating and modifying business reports within Dynamics GP.  While its importance has decreased in recent years due to SQL reporting services as well as Excel and Word being able to duplicate these reports, it still has many uses.

typing2.jpgIt should be noted that GP Report Writer requires a concurrent user license, since you are actually working inside of Dynamics GP, which you launch Report Writer from. It is not a “glamorous” tool, requiring a fair bit of know-how to use. It is considered moderate–to-difficult to use, and most of its users are of a more “technical” mindset.

While it features over 600 reports “out of the box”, it also offers the ability to create new reports to fit custom needs. It also includes the ability to customize and modify any of the included reports. You can also make global changes across all reports in the system. It is also required for using Word templates, such as purchase orders, as it sets what fields are included.

Report Writer is mostly used in day to day work for basic editing of reports. Some common uses include adding aging buckets to payables and receivables in trial balance reports, adding text to invoice reports, such as who to call with billing questions, and moving various fields on check documents to fit on to pre-existing check stock.

While not a new or flashy tool, GP Report Writer remains a steady, useful option for creating and editing business reports. The sheer number of reports it includes as well as the ability to edit them or create custom reports ensures it remains relevant today.

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