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Why Choose Excel Report Builder for GP Reporting

business-1836990__480-1.jpg Excel is one of the most useful tools in day to day business operations, and with Dynamics GP's Excel Reports and Excel Report Builder you are able to harness its power in conjunction with other Dynamics GP tools. Excel Reports and Excel Report Builder are both found within Dynamics GP, though they do not necessarily require a user license. They are used similarly to, and sometimes in conjunction with Smartlist builder, only within Excel, allowing you to create reports with GP data and drop them directly in to Excel. If you have Smartlist Builder, you have Excel Report builder, making it a powerful one-two punch.

It also offers over 200 “out of the box” Excel reports, ready for use. It offers pre-created dashboards for easy use, including ones for financial, inventory, sales, and purchasing. These dashboards can then be linked directly in to any or all databases you have within GP. These reports can be shared with Network Share and SharePoint, and are update-able and refreshable, since it is a live connection with the data, not a static one.

Excel Reports and Excel Report Builder are considered easy to moderately difficult to use, and the tools are typically used by financial analysts and Excel power users needing access to GP Data. Some common “real world” uses include editing inventory levels in pivot tables, customer addresses for mail mergers, and seeing/editing the details behind pivot tables and charts. It also can be used in conjunction with Office 365, allowing you access to your dashboard anywhere, using your mobile devices or tablets, meaning you are never separated from your data.

Excel Reports and Excel Report Builder expand the options for exporting your data to Excel, offering easier connectivity and access to your data within Dynamics GP.

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