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Professional Services Tool Library - Company Copy

This is post number two in a series of blog posts that are centered on the specific features within the Professional Services Tool Library (PSTL). The PTSL is now a standard feature in GP that has many valuable tools available to users that used to only be accessible via Microsoft support or your implementation partner. Before you begin using the PTSL, there are a few things that you need to remember:

  • Before you take any action in the PTSL, make a backup of your SQL Server data. Some of the tools will prompt you to make a backup before proceeding, but this should be standard practice for all of them.
  •  Most of the tools require that the person utilizing the PTSL is the only user logged into GP.
  • Certain tools will require that you login as “sa.”

This screenshot shows all of the available tools.


In this post, I will show you how to best use ‘Company Copy.’ This tool allows the setup and report option information from one company to be copied to another company. You are able to specify exactly which modules you would like to copy. ‘Company Copy’ is perfect for organizations who plan on needing another company database that is similar to one of the company databases you already have. Reasons for doing this include starting another entity or opening other plant or store location.

Before using this tool, you must create your new company in GP Utilities. Give the company a name and an ID. You do not need any further setup after that, as ‘Company Copy’ will be deleting all of that setup information. Once you have created the new company, you are ready to use Company Copy.

Open the PSTL, click on ‘Company Copy,’ and click on ‘Next.’ This screen will pop up.


Your ‘Source Company’ is the GP company you want to copy, while the ‘Destination Company’ is the newly created company from GP Utilities. Next, choose whether you want to copy the data and/or report options from the source company. You must choose at least one to copy. Finally, select the modules you want to copy and click ‘Process.’ 



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