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Is overtime getting you down? Track it more simply in MS Dynamics GP

If you’ve been charged with managing a team of employees who have gone into overtime, you can be in for a major headache. Tracking those hours on a spreadsheet just isn’t going to cut it any more, especially if you’re now scrambling to calculate that overtime accurately and trying to figure out how that fits into your overall budget. If you’re sick of staying late to do all those calculations by hand (in an effort to get them done on time), you’re not alone.

Additional problems with tracking time might come in managing different kinds of leave, like PTO, paid company holidays, and sick leave. Trying to take care of all of these on top of overtime concerns can leave you constantly behind and never able to catch up. It’s time to say no more. These are problems that can be easily dealt with in 2018

Luckily, software can solve these problems. MS Dynamics GP is a great way to start, but if you haven’t considered third-party add-ons, now is the time. Integrations can open up the capabilities of GP, making it possible to take advantage of these innovations:

  • Automated compliance.
    Many states are scrupulous about overtime rules, so companies caught not in compliance can face thousands in fees. Software can automatically manage overtime data and ensure compliance with those complex rules (which can vary from state to state).

  • Leave management that takes care of itself.
    Leave is more important than ever to the average employee. That’s because they need to manage their life and their worklife in a way that’s healthy and productive. Providing many kinds of leave can be beneficial for helping them cope with this balance. The trouble comes in managing all those kinds of leave and tracking how much time as accrued and how much has been used of each kind.

    Automated leave management simplifies the complexity by allowing employees to input requests and see the status of those requests as they move through the approval process. This transparency helps establish trust and gives employees the power to make requests ahead of time. The end result is that everyone is more satisfied with the process.

  • Pre-approved overtime with policy management.
    Let the system figure out overtime calculations and how they fit into your budget. This means that your overtime is made simpler and does not cut needlessly into your financial plan. Data is also in real time to help you be proactive about what’s coming around the corner.

Leave your overtime and leave management worries behind in 2017. For a stress-free 2018, take the time to look into third-party software and the add-ons that they can provide. Make one of your resolutions to upgrade not only your software, but your worklife.

About the Author

Amanda Canupp Mendoza is a writer at DATABASICS, which specializes in expense reporting and timesheet software solutions. She lives in Reston, VA, where DATABASICS is headquartered, with her husband, her dog Iris, and her baby girl (arriving in Spring 2018).