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How to Copy a Security Role in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Today’s post will cover best practices for creating and testing new security roles in Microsoft Dynamics GP!

One of the most security setup common mistakes is adding or removing new Security Tasks to existing Security Roles. Issues can arise when new users are created and you can’t remember what you added or what you took away. This results in frustration and ineffective security!

Before you dive into the deep waters of modifying Microsoft Dynamics GP security, let’s discuss some security basics.

First Things FirstSecurity Role.jpg

Before you start modifying any security, you need to confirm that security is enabled for each company. Navigate to: Administration > Setup > Company > Company


Next, make sure the users that you would like to modify are not setup as a POWERUSER. This class should not be used! This security role gives users access to all functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The “Primary” Task Types

    • When you first setup a new role, it will automatically assign the task called “DEFAULTUSER”. This task includes the minimum security to open GP. It does not give access to any specific tasks, windows or reports. Do not modify or remove this task.
    • These require the most testing. Some important functions are considered “ADMIN” including Aging AR, Batch Recovery and more. It is often easier to create a new task with the specific windows you need access to vs. using the defaults for ADMIN tasks. You can setup a role with just 1 task assigned to test. Otherwise, you should talk to your Partner or post a question on the GPUG open forum if you have a specific question about a specific Microsoft Dynamics GP ADMIN Task or if you are setting up a custom Task with a window that is typically considered an ADMIN type window.
  • CARD
    • These are typically the Master Records in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Access to the CARD tasks typically include the option to create new records and modify or delete existing records.
  • INQ
    • These access Inquiry windows, Navigation Lists, and SmartLists.
  • RPT
    • Ability to generate and print various reports.
  • TRX
    • Note that Posting is often a separate task from entering and saving transactions.

Follow the steps in this How-To Guide to copy an existing role. You can then test adding and removing different default tasks. Test by assigning the new Role to a user. Make sure the user only has the new role assigned when you are testing!

Once you learn the basics, you can setup effective security for your company! Post your comments and suggestions for security on the GPUG Open Forum!


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