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FRx Tip for Dynamics GP: Catalog Queued Successfully

Although FRx is no longer used in the newer versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are still many companies out there that continue to rely on it in older versions. Although Frx is no longer supported by Microsoft, we continue to support it for our existing customers. Here is a recent support question and the resolution. 

After installing a new FRx client, I tested a report and I received the message “Catalog Queued Successfully”, but no report is generating.  How do I get the report to generate to the screen/printer? 


  • Check if the FRx report is set to generate to Queue. To verify this, launch FRx and select a Report Catalog.
  • Select File - Generate. You should have the option to generate locally or to a queue.
  • If the option to Generate Report to Queue is set as default, change it to Generate Report Locally and click on set as default.

If you are need support or training for Microsoft Dynamics GP and FRx (or the new Management Reporter) contact CAL Business Solutions 860-485-0910x4 or

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By John Miele, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,



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