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Emailing EFT Remittance in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In today’s post, I will be showing you how to get the e-mail functionality to work for Payables EFT Remittances in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This feature allows users to electronically send money, in addition to sending an email to the vendor with details about the payment. Some vendors can require this and GP can assist a user with fulfilling this requirement.

The first part of this resolution will involve testing the functionality. It is recommended to first get the email functionality working by using the original Check Remittance report. Use these steps to check the security settings if the check remittance report is already modified:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP - Tools - Setup - System - Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports and select the REPORT ID being used.
  2. Leave Product as All Products. For Type, select Reports. For Series, leave as All or select Purchasing.
  3. In the Report List, click to expand Purchasing.
  4. Scroll down to the Check Remittance and make sure Microsoft Dynamics GP is marked. (If it is not listed, then you do not have a modified check remittance in the system.) Click Save.


The next step is to activate the E-mail functionality for the Check Remittance at the main setup level. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP - Tools - Setup - Company - E-mail Settings.
  2. Mark the Document Options and File Formats you want to allow (this can be customized at the vendor level).
  3. Click on the Purchasing Series link and mark the checkbox for Vendor Remittance. (Keep it as simple as possible for testing. Don't use a Message ID yet.) Click OK. Click OK again to close the window.


Next, the user will need to complete the setup for each Vendor by using these steps:

  1. Go to Cards - Purchasing - Vendor. Select the Vendor ID that you want to send the EFT remittance to.
  2. Next to the Address ID field, click on the 'World' button to open the Internet Information window. For testing, enter your own email address in the TO: section for E-Mail Addresses at the top. (Once it is working, you can edit it later to be the vendor's email address.) Click Save and close the Internet Information window.
  3. On the Vendor Maintenance window, click the E-mail button. In the bottom section, mark the checkbox for Vendor Remittance and choose which Format to use. Click OK and then click Save.


Now, users are ready to test the functionality of emailing. During the Payables check run process:

  1. Outlook must be open on the same workstation that Dynamics GP is on.
  2. Build a computer check batch and select EFT as the Payment Method for the new batch.
  3. When the user clicks to print checks, the Process Payables Remittance window pops up instead of a Print Checks window. Mark the radio box for Remittance Form and the checkbox for Send Document in E-mail. Click Process.
  4. In the Report Destination window, the Report Type of Template will default if a Word Template is being used. Complete and post the check run.
  5. The Send Remittance Exception Report will display and hopefully each says Document sent successfully. Review the report for any emails that did not sent successfully.
  6. Check the email account initially set up to make sure that the remittance was received.




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