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Dynamics GP Security - Creating a New GP User - SSG GP Tips

We are often asked how to set up a new user within Dynamics GP.

GPUG-secutiry-tip - Copy.jpgTypically, when Dynamics GP is first installed, the users ‘sa’ and ‘DYNSA’ are automatically created.  These users have the ability to administer GP security. 

The ‘sa’ login is the SQL Server administrator login and cannot be removed from GP.  Since it is used for your SQL Server, it is likely that you will not have access to the password.  In that case, you can use DYNSA to administer GP Security.

Optionally, an additional layer of security can be set by creating a GP System password.  This would prevent users with ‘sa’ access to SQL (your IT Staff) from tinkering in GP security.  If you set up a GP System password, you will need to enter it every time you open a System-level window within GP.    Administration>System>System Password.

All GP Security changes should be made within the GP User Interface, and NOT in SQL.  Changing GP User security in SQL Server will corrupt the user’s password.

However, Business Analyzer Charts, KPIs and SSRS reports security can ONLY be administered through SQL Server Management Studio.  This will be covered in a separate blog.  

Creating New GP Users:

  1. To create new GP Users, log into GP as either sa or DYNSA.  Navigate to the User Setup window.


Enter the new User ID and User Name. 

The default User Type is Full User – you can change the drop down to Limited User or Self-Service User if necessary.   Remember, these user types require the proper licensing.

You will have to create an initial password for the user. 

Check with box labeled Change Password at Next Login.   This will force the user to create their own password rather than using the one that you created for them.

Save the User ID.

If you would like to assign this new user with the same access rights as existing user, you can use the Copy Settings Button at the top of the window.

  1. Assign the User Access to the appropriate companies.  The user will NOT be able to log into GP if you miss this step!  Navigate to Administration>System>User Access.

Highlight the new user in the list on the left and assign access to the companies on the right.

  1. Determine which GP functionality the user will have access to by assigning their Security Roles.

    Navigate to Administration>System>User Security.  

    Select the User and Company.  Assign them to the pre-defined Roles by checking the box next to each role.  The Roles are cumulative, so the user will get access to ALL of the functions in each role you have selected.   You must also assign the user to an Alternate/Modified Forms & Reports ID.  The system installs with ‘DEFAULTUSER’ as the default.  

    Note: The security that you just set is for one company!  

    If the user needs access to the same functions in other companies, you can save time by using the Copy Button at the top of the window to copy the security for this user to additional GP Companies.

Note: The predefined GP Roles give access to windows, reports, and SmartLists based on the functional area, ie AP CLERK, ACCOUNTING MANAGER, WAREHOUSE MANAGER, etc

To fine-tune security, you can create your own Roles and Tasks.  This will be covered in a subsequent blog posting.

Please view our Software Solutions Group video on GP Security for adding a new user for further clarity:

Other security not covered in this article are:


  • Field Level Security
  • Account Level Security



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