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ACA Compliance in Microsoft GP

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama in 2010. Along with this law came a list of rules and regulations that certain companies must follow. By now, you should know what your company qualifies and doesn’t qualify for with respect to the ACA. This post will assist you in the setup of some of the ACA requirements. 

1. Go to Administration area page -> Setup section -> System section -> User. Make sure that you check “Payroll View for Human Resources” for any users that may be setting up benefit/deduction codes in the future.


2. Go to HR and Payroll area page -> Setup section -> Human Resources section -> Benefits and Deductions section -> Benefit Preferences. Uncheck the “Automatically Update Payroll Benefits & Deductions option in the red box below.


If this box is checked, it will update the payroll benefit and deduction records without displaying integration messages.  With this box unchecked, it allows the user the ability to watch the flow from Human Resources to Payroll. This will reduce the chances of failed Human Resources to Payroll integrations. While this step is highly recommended, it is also optional.

3. Go to HR and Payroll area page -> Setup section -> Human Resources section -> Benefits and Deductions section -> Health Insurance. Create a code for health insurance and fill out the fields below.


4. Go to HR and Payroll area page -> Cards section -> Human Resources section -> Employee-Benefits section -> Health Insurance. Add the Health Insurance benefit that was created in step #1 in the Benefit Name field. Choose the appropriate codes in the red box below.


5. Go to HR and Payroll area page -> Cards section -> Human Resources section -> Employee section -> Dependents/Beneficiaries. Add all dependent information for each employee in the red boxes below. Dependents are required only on self-insured plans.


6. Go to HR and Payroll area page -> Routines section -> Payroll section -> Edit W-2s. During the Payroll Year End Close process, Dynamics GP will build the information for the 1095-C file based on the data you have been tracking based on the setup of the employee dependents and the health insurance enrollment information. The data will be accumulated into the year-end wage tables. After you process the Payroll Year End Close, you will be able to edit the 1095-C information and 1095-C Covered Individuals information. Select an employee and click the 1095-C button to display and edit the 1095-C information. Click the Dependents button to edit the 1095-C Covered Individuals information.



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